Alfred Morris

Go get ‘em. He carried 28 times for 96 yards and 2 td’s. Anyone getting 28 carries, deserves to be on a roster.

Don’t get Kevin Ogletree. He’s a one-week-wonder if I’ve ever seen one. Good luck.

Quick On The Trigger – Preseason Advice.

As soon as your league has finished drafting, look over the free agents. Take note of anyone that you were interested in before the draft or think might have a change to be roster-worthy. An excellent method is to find an expert that you like, then look at their rankings from the bottom-up. If someone isn’t on a roster, write ‘em down. And take a look at what they do week one.

Being quick on the waiver wire trigger is key.


Gearing Up

Most of us either have our fantasy drafts in the next few days, or are already done drafting. I’ve drafted two teams this year and for the most part am quite happy with how they worked out.

Some leagues run waivers before the season starts, but most seem to wait until week 1 has passed. I’ll be offering my favorite waiver wire pick ups each week and giving you a sense of how valuable they are.

I joined a league last year that runs a blind auction every week for waiver pick-ups. The pot, then goes to the highest scoring team every week. Everyone starts out with $100 in their waiver canteen, and someone spent $80 of it on Brandon Jackson the week Ryan Grant went down. The point is that mistakes can derail your fantasy hopes and limit your options down the road.

So, here’s my pre-week 1 waiver wire pick up recommendation: Bernard Berrian. I know you’re thinking the last time you saw him was as Chad Ochocinco’s sidekick on that horrible reality show. But B-twice (as Ocho affectionately referred to him) has a new QB by the name of McNabb. McNabb may be well passed his prime and I may have some Syracuse bias, but he still loves the deep ball.

More proof you want? Fine. Two words. Donte Stallworth. Not a great player by any measure, but definitely a fast one, and in 12 games with McNabb he had 38 catches for 725 yards (19 Yards Per Catch) and 5 TDs. Need I say more. Berrian is very similar to Stallworth. His speed cannot be questioned and with the right QB rifling passes toward the goal line, he might just be worth picking up.


Looks like we’ll have a new CBA soon. So, I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks as we warm up to the fantasy season. Hopefully we won’t be saddled down with too many hold outs.


Rookies can be valuable pick-ups throughout the year.  I’m not big on drafting Rookies early because they rarely work out (see Ryan Mathews, Reggie Bush, etc). But, after rookies have had time to get familiar with the offensive schemes, they often start producing and can help you with that 2nd half push into the playoffs.

Fools Gold

Today’s post is just some words of wisdom: Just about every year there are players that come out strong and have a great week or two (see Joey Galloway).  But in leagues where waiver priority is based on who used their waivers last, your waiver position may hold more value than the player you are putting in for.

So, unless you’re sold on a free agent, don’t waste your positioning to pick up a one week wonder. You never know what injuries will pop up and you could need that high waiver rank to secure an every week starter.

Jacob Tamme

When Dallas Clark went down mid-season, many owners thought all was lost. But then a ray of light shone through that dark (torn wrist ligament) cloud.

That ray of light’s name was Jacob Tamme.  Similar to Dallas Clark, Tamme was more of an H-Back than a TE, but as long as he is TE eligible what’s the difference.  In only 9 games Tamme accumulated 67 receptions for 631 yards and 4 TD’s.

Who’s got two thumbs and had Tamme as his starting TE for the second half of the season?  You guessed it. This Guy!

Steve Johnson

In 2010 he had 82 Receptions for 1073 Receiving Yards and a whopping 10 TD’s.

He was on waivers until week 3, when I grabbed him in my league.


Welcome to

In most fantasy football leagues Tuesday night is the time to put in your waiver wire claims.
Free agent pick-ups are a critical part of fantasy football. Take it from me. I had Jacob Tamme in both of my leagues last year. will be your place for figuring out the players that you need to pick up. I’ll give you my expert advice and answer your questions.

I have been in fantasy football leagues for almost 10 years now. I have the knowledge, skills and history to give you the guidance that you need.

More to come…